Eldar Falcon for “Paint What You Got”!

This isn’t a “new” model as such but one that’s been a work-in-progress for over a year and a half now. When I was getting back into 40K, I picked this old bird up on a whim from Ebay, largely because I liked the way that the hull patterning looked. It was in pretty rough shape though, and other than the Biel-Tan green and hull patterning was mostly unfinished. I gave it a refit about a year ago, to bring it to a tabletop standard (and you might have seen it in my Crusade galleries!), but decided with it being a shiny new year that I was going to give this Falcon a new lease on life, and make it a grav tank I felt happier fielding.

Pictured: How my Eldar Falcon started off, in all its original Ebay auction glory.

When Dave Stone announced his “Paint What You Got” challenge this felt like the natural contender for me. Because the rear vanes had snapped off I had to reconstruct them from some old Wave Serpent bits and attached them with green stuff, and I separated and magnetized all of the weapons, and threw in what heavy weapons I had lying around so that this old bird would now have a full batch of them to work with. I also decided I wanted to throw on a Crystal Targeting Matrix and extra Spirit Stones – not because they’ll be useful on the tabletop, but because I just really like the way they look. Vanity is my fatal flaw as an Eldar player.

Pictured: The same Falcon from above, almost two years later. The green and patterning has stayed intact, and I’ve replicated it on new bits like heavy weapon casing, the Spirit Stones, and the Crystal Targeting Matrix, but basically everything else has been updated.

I also used this as a chance to experiment with rotation magnets, with mixed success – the Falcon stays on the magnet, but shifting too far in any direction just causes the vehicle to topple over because of the weight. The scenic base looks good though, and elevates the Falcon about on-level with my Fire Prism, so that both of them look like they’re decently hovering over the field.

Pictured: A fly-by of two of my Grav Tanks. There’s also my Wave Serpent, but that needs its whole own update later.

I’m very happy with how the model turned out – even if Ulthwe is usually my ride-or-die Craftworld, I really do like Biel-Tan’s color scheme, and if nothing else this will fit really well with my Banshee squads (because, invariably, everything comes back to Banshees). I have one more Heavy Support reinforcement planned for my Eldar army, and it also comes back to Banshees. I’ve definitely picked my lane and I’m staying in it.

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