What’s Next and Also a Hiatus

Here we are again! It might have been obvious with the trickle of weekly uploads lately, but I’m running a little low on material at the moment. The weather’s not great for priming or basecoating right now, so it might be a while before I have anything new to show off over the next while, and also there’s…kind of the matter of my unfinished Master’s project and my (increasingly desperate) search for work locally. I definitely plan on coming back though, and to give a taste of what’s to come I’ve borrowed (stolen) an idea from Dave at https://scentofagamer.wordpress.com/.

Pictured: The Raging Heroes Sisters of Battle proxies that I’ve been teasing for close to a year. (Many of them now discontinued!)

I decided to take a little while and pile up everything I want to be in my next “batch” up onto a tray to make it all feel manageable but also to hopefully make it feel like a real achievement when it’s all done, and all comes together. I might start doing this more regularly to try and keep myself on-task, while keeping projects from feeling too big or overwhelming. So…I guess this is Tray 1? The First Tray? My Tray starter pack? I’ll work on the name. But I like the idea and it’ll be a good way to manage and plan projects, I think.

Pictured: Space Marines, Howling Banshees, and Clone Troopers – playing the classic hits and also trying something new.

As for the projects, I have a TON of bases to prep for the Aggressors and the Sisters of Battle, which I’m probably going to do at the same time as I rust up what I’m endearingly going to call “The Garfield Monstrosity.” For those who have listened to the MBMBaM podcast, it’s a very, very cursed reference. I had a lot of fun with my “Thomas the Tank Engine” Rhino build and this time I decided to take it a step further, getting a third-party (and very Nurgly) 3D printed Rhino with lots of gross fleshy bits, and molded a face for Garfield himself out of green stuff.

Pictured: I’m all about that base.

The Aggressors and Banshees will be a nice reward when everything else is done, since I’ve done them before and they’ll be a nice “chill” painting project. Howling Banshees are definitely my “zen” miniatures, I could paint those forever. In some ways the Sisters are actually the most daunting future project here – I’ve done a test model but the color scheme and working with these models is pretty uncharted territory for me, and it’ll be a nice change. The Clones and a certain Jedi Knight will be a fun switch of what I’m accustomed to as well. TL;DR, lots of fun stuff coming down the road, but I have to get a handle on some life stuff first. See you on the other side!

6 thoughts on “What’s Next and Also a Hiatus

  1. Túbal Villar - Virakotxa says:

    Have they skinned a giant cat over that Land-Raider…? Or has the cat posessed the tank!?
    (Hoping no Black Crusade on Monday…)
    Where I’m at, Northwest of Spain it rains… a lot. For cans, I heat them under the hot water spigot while shaking a good while. Not saying to do it under the rain… but that overcomes general humidity and temperature. That’s an amazing collection on that tray! (those… Sororitas?) wow!


    1. mick says:

      I’d never thought about heating up the cans in advance. That could work! Also, I think Garfield has definitely possessed the tank, and even Nurgle looks in fear at what he’s created. xD

      Liked by 1 person

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