More Tyranid Terrain – Thanks, Dave!

I think this is the first time I’ve posted a painted item here that I didn’t paint myself! Today’s gallery is scenery pieces made by the talented Dave Stone at Wargames Terrain Workshop, who I definitely recommend for Tyranid terrain – and all kinds of other terrain too. One of these he painted up as a custom commission and the result was just brilliant – it’s ready for the table and fits XenonMage’s existing color scheme beautifully. I’ll be turning all of these over to XenonMage, whose Tyranids continue to wreck me, but it all looked so good even unpainted that I had to post this and give a shout-out to this awesome store. I picked up two of the Alien Gas Bushes, one of the Alien Egg Nests, and a hot tub for Ripper Swarms.

Pictured: Alien Egg Nest, custom-painted by WTW. Congratulations, it’s dodecatuplets.

First off, there is a TON of different resin pieces on Wargames Terrain Workshop. Like, literally hundreds of different features. You want water? They’ve got that. Scatter terrain for a jungle setting? They’ve got that. Dragon graveyard? They’ve got that, and it looks great. And I found that the quality of the sculpts was just brilliant – I mean, like anything resin you could probably do clean-up and touch-ups on it but the pieces seemed like they were virtually ready to paint and work with right out of the box. The variety of terrain on the site is fantastic too – there’s terrain you could use for 40K, AoS, Legion, historicals, and virtually any other tabletop wargame that you can think of.

Pictured: These terrain pieces with one of my Banshees for scale (on a 25mm base) to show just how big these are.

But I still haven’t gotten to my favorite part: especially for the price, these terrain pieces are BIG. Even after reading the descriptions and measurements on the site I didn’t realize just how much table space each of these take up, especially the Alien Egg Nests and Digestion Pool. The sculpts are great, the size is great, and if you need terrain that you don’t have to paint up yourself, then you can’t go wrong getting customizable, painted terrain here. I also picked one piece of WTW terrain up for myself, which I’m planning to paint up and show off in Dave’s own upcoming Season of Scenery challenge. If you have spare terrain kicking around that you haven’t gotten to, the contest will be a fun time – and if you don’t, hey, maybe check out some of the links I’ve posted and something on WTW will tickle your fancy.

8 thoughts on “More Tyranid Terrain – Thanks, Dave!

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Thank you for the shout out Mick, and glad you’re happy with our product.
    Hope the final draft goes well for your masters, and once in the swing of the new job, you can find some hobby time again

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  2. Matt says:

    They look excellent, painted and unpainted. Nice to see some 40k terrain that isn’t a ruined gothic building/ruined industrial building/Necron tower.

    Good luck with your Master’s degree!

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    1. mick says:

      Thanks muchly! It’s an uphill battle but I’m hoping it’s mostly done by the end of the weekend. And I have some terrain planned for my “Deathworld” table that should be fun to work on after that, too.

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  3. Jay says:

    Man I hear that thing about time. If I had more ther enough be videos.

    Either way nice clean work and thanks for the tip. I have been dusting off the old tryanids and kinda needing a new dex.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mick says:

      Tyranids are always a good time – there’s some really good tutorials for doing carapace patterning out there that make for some really cool effects.


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