Biel-Tan War Walker

A very good friend of mine got me this kit for Christmas a year ago, and I decided before this Christmas rolled around that I wanted to have it done. I don’t have many Biel-Tan models, but I also decided that I wanted this to fit in with the Rangers and with the Falcon that I do have, which was a challenge in itself since part of the Falcon was painted before I bought it second-hand and I didn’t know the full paint recipe. It was a nice challenge and in the end I think it turned out pretty grand.

Pictured: The War Walker and its wealth of weapon options.

Originally I planned to make the paint schemes identical across the Walker and the Falcon, but in the end decided that doing vines on the hull of the Walker would make it look too cluttered – I also didn’t quite trust myself to do the details on that small a scale, compared to the scale of something like a Falcon chassis. That being said, the camo patterns ended up very close to each other, and I was very pleased with that. This was also a good color study project, in the sense that it gave me a lot more practice building up grey colors to a white, which is something I’ve meant to work more on for a while.

Pictured: Both of my Biel-Tan heavy support choices.

The base, which I have some mixed feelings on, was a purchase from TTCombat. I usually love their stuff, but I find their 50mm and 60mm resin bases are a little hit-or-miss. That said, I’m happy enough with the end result that I don’t plan on changing that out anytime soon. This was a fun little project and I might well starting to build up a little more Biel-Tan for crusade games and the like soon. (More on that to follow. 😛 )

“Such is the effectiveness of the War Walkers’ ranged weaponry that, after achieving their vanguard mission, they are often summoned back to the more static core of the warhost, joining their firepower with that of support weapon platforms, Dark Reapers, and even Phantom Titans.” – Codex: Craftworlds, Games Workshop, p. 38.

6 thoughts on “Biel-Tan War Walker

  1. Matt says:

    Love how you’ve painted this walker, you’ve managed to match the vine look of the Falcon really well. It’s an interesting look and really stands out, and Biel-Tan’s white-and-green look was always the best Eldar colour scheme. Nicely done!

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