Welcome to Twitchy Bristles!

Thanks for visiting! Around 2018, I fell in love with painting and miniatures again – and now I’m keeping a site archiving my projects and miniature painting work for you to enjoy. As an amateur hobbyist, at best, I update sporadically, and just paint what I want to paint.

My favorite subjects at the moment are the Craftworlds Eldar and Death Guard from the Warhammer 40K tabletop game, but there are plenty of other projects in the works. I also hope to paint up lots in the way of third-party miniatures, made by smaller creators.

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Latest Work by Twitchy Bristles:

“We Have Mastered the Art of Destruction” – Totally Not Fire Dragons ™

We all know I like a good proxy model. Dire Avengers and Howling Banshees have had pretty good luck in plastic sculpts, but Fire Dragons are still either metal, finecast, or bust. Kinpatsusamurai got me a squad leader from this set for my birthday and naturally I decided to invest in a whole squad to…

A Pair of Pyre Puppers

These are a quick taste of something fun that I have coming up. Technically these aren’t Warhammer 40K and aren’t from any set franchise, other than maybe Dungeons & Dragons informally, and were 3D printed for me by TheOwlBearFactory, who did a phenomenal job with the sculpts. I guess you could use them as Warhammer…

All Will Become Painted

God, was I ever glad to have this project done. In the years that I’ve had my Marvel Crisis Protocol stuff I’ve only ever played one game, and part of the obstacle there is that I have very limited terrain to use that isn’t 40k stuff or that looks like it belongs in that universe.…

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