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Thanks for visiting! Around 2018, I fell in love with painting and miniatures again – and now I’m keeping a site archiving my projects and miniature painting work for you to enjoy. As an amateur hobbyist, at best, I update sporadically, and just paint what I want to paint.

My favorite subjects at the moment are the Craftworlds Eldar and Death Guard from the Warhammer 40K tabletop game, but there are plenty of other projects in the works. I also hope to paint up lots in the way of third-party miniatures, made by smaller creators.

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Latest Work by Twitchy Bristles:

Congratulations – it’s a bug!

As long as XenonMage has had her Tyranid army, and as long as she’s been thrashing me at Warhammer 40K, something has felt like it was missing on the battlefield. Our planet’s landscape is littered with Eldar Eldritch Ruins and invasive plants like Barbed Venomgorse, but the Tyranids haven’t – up to this point –… Read more Congratulations – it’s a bug!

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