“Sister Pestilencia” – My New Favorite Proxy

If I had doubts or misgivings about the way that my Lord of Contagion turned out, oh boy, is this model ever the opposite – but that might be just because of what a fantastic sculpt Artel W put together for this third-party model. KinpatsuSamurai picked me up one for Christmas and I was thrilled; from the moment I saw the concept art on the company’s Facebook I knew this was going to be one that I’d have to add to my Death Guard. (And it’s totally not like I’m also putting together a Sisters of Battle army with an emphasis on third-party miniatures. Definitely not that, too.)

Pictured: Lord Felthius and his soon-to-be replacement in one if not both of my Crusade games. No hard feelings here, it’s all in the service of Nurgle.

Sister Pestilencia did not disappoint in the least. The main sculpt is great and the model comes with some fantastic alternate head sculpts and an alternate weapon (which I worked into the Plague Marines I’ll be posting here down the road). The detail is great, the sculpt is clean, and the only drawback if there’s one to be found at all is that the model’s a little bit short for a Lord of Contagion, and the Nurgling is a little out of scale with other Nurgling models, but that’s not a dealbreaker for me. Both Sister Pestilencia and her Nurgling can be small but mighty.

Pictured: The world’s tiniest Nurgling. Truly, Artel W knows what we’re about here in the Plague God’s service.

Out of the color changes I made from my first Death Guard batch, changing from brownish cloth colors to a bright, bold red was absolutely the right choice, and it fits this model in particular brilliantly. While I’m still iffy on my other Lord of Contagion, this model will absolutely be on the tabletop as a new HQ proxy and fluff character, either in my running Crusade games with friends at my FLGS or in floorhammer games with my roommate – varnishing issues notwithstanding.

Alucard – Artel W’s “Gunfighter”

Hellsing Abridged is one of my all-time guilty pleasures on Youtube, so naturally when I saw that Artel W has a fantastic sculpt of Alucard from the series listed as “The Gunfighter,” I had to get my hands on it and try painting it up. This one turned into a sort of “color study” like my Bone Devil and Imp previously, while I tried to get myself back up to speed. I would like to thank Alucard for teaching me how to “red” again!

“When hope is gone, undo this lock, and send me forth on a moonlit walk.”

The model itself was easy to assemble, and packaged brilliantly as Artel W’s products always are. The wax seal adds a special touch every time I get a mini from them. The detail was exquisite on this – my paint job doesn’t do it justice, and the extra bits that came with the kit are going to be much appreciated down the road by some of my Eldar. I opted to keep the regular head but went with the “demon” coat piece because I thought it made the model look so much more imposing, dynamic, and – most of all – cool!

“That was a 70-inch plasma screen TV. (inhales deeply) So, how can I help you?”

If you’re a miniatures painter and fan of the Hellsing series in any of its incarnations I would strongly recommend this miniature. If you want to find it (or any of Artel W’s awesome projects) you can find this on their webpage: https://artelw.com/The-Gunfighter-p98213242. The shipping can take a while since everything’s shipped out of Russia, but I’ve always found that Artel W is well worth the wait. I have a couple Death Guard projects coming up from them, and one of these days I’ll cave and pick up their not-Fire-Dragons.