Yet More Howling Banshees!

After doing a second attempt at Jain Zar, is anybody surprised to see more Howling Banshees in my galleries? For that matter, is anybody ever surprised to see Howling Banshees in my galleries at this point? It’s been a stressful summer with finishing up my Masters’ degree and starting up a new full-time job, so… Read more Yet More Howling Banshees!

“Finally Feels Valid” – XenonMage’s New Pyrovore

If you’ve seen XenonMage’s Tyranid army in action before, you’ll notice right away that there’s something very different about this particular bug. This is a special Tyranid that I put together for a special occasion. XenonMage, my best friend, recently not only completed her Master of Science in Marine Biology, but got an article she… Read more “Finally Feels Valid” – XenonMage’s New Pyrovore

What does Warhammer mean to me?

This post will (hopefully) not be as piss-and-vinegar as my last one, and since I’m back to painting and working on models again I’m hoping that this will help me set the direction for this blog going forward, for my painting, and for where I go from here. It’s been a wild couple weeks. The… Read more What does Warhammer mean to me?

Bad Actors, in Bad Faith

(Edit: Salt and satire below, and it’s not my best work. See here for something more constructive.) Here at Twitchy Bristles, we only post the hottest of hot takes on the hottest of topics, and we’ve got a real barn-burner on our hands this time. In a move that absolutely no one saw coming after… Read more Bad Actors, in Bad Faith


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