My 40K Bug-Out Bag and Me

One of the things that’s placed a bit of a hindrance on my painting motivation and time recently is the pressure of what’s become “gig economy” work and the instability that comes along with that. While I have my paint tray started and have some neat stuff on the way, it’s also been difficult to… Read more My 40K Bug-Out Bag and Me

What’s Next and Also a Hiatus

Here we are again! It might have been obvious with the trickle of weekly uploads lately, but I’m running a little low on material at the moment. The weather’s not great for priming or basecoating right now, so it might be a while before I have anything new to show off over the next while,… Read more What’s Next and Also a Hiatus

Ruins 2: Eldritch Boogaloo

I have discovered my ideal terrain, and in the words of the immortal Bob Ross, it’s happy little trees. If one can really call Barbed Venomgorse either happy or a tree in the true sense of the word. My last set was a gift from “Upya Butt,” a local friend, and this one was a… Read more Ruins 2: Eldritch Boogaloo


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