The Exemplars – My Raging Heroes’ SoB Troops

These two squads of five, which can also be run as a squad of ten, functionally forms the core of my Adepta Sororitas army, which I’ve painted up using the Order of the Bloody Rose paint scheme, as I plan to with all my models in this army aside from unique characters. The resin sculpts were definitely a challenge to work with, in terms of how much trickier they were to build, but I think that the biggest challenge – and this is a good problem to have – is that there was just so much detail per model that I found it took forever to get the edge highlighting and raised details done an all of the armor.

Pictured: The Raging Heroes not-Flamer, which I am particularly in love with, and the humble not-Storm-Bolter.

I built these squads so that in a squad of five, each group would have one Flamer and one Storm Bolter – and I love the way that Raging Heroes builds these. That’s another thing I loved about the build on these – the sheer number of bits and extras that are provided per kit of Exemplars is unreal, and doing just about any build you’re still going to have tons of usable, useful bits left over. I built these with the same Sector Imperialis bases that have been a staple on XenonMage’s brother’s Black Dragons and also my previous test Sisters. For an Imperium-themed army I just find they fit thematically and I’ve had a lot of fun with batch-painting and weathering the bases.

Pictured: These troops forming the core of my growing Adepta Sororitas army. The climb to 500 pts. continues!

I’ve built Raging Heroes models before and I still can’t say anything but good things about them – but it took me so long to get these off of my pile of shame that this run of the Raging Heroes’ Exemplars have since been discontinued! Now, if I want to add more Sisters, I’ll have to invest in the new models, but not sure I want to inflict a noticeable size-creep on the models that I’m using. The new sculpts look brilliant, though. If anything, I think the next step for this army is to get a hold of some Sisters Repentia, a Repentia Superior, and Arco-Flagellants since the Bloody Rose is such a melee-heavy army. And…unsurprisingly, if and when I do, I’m going to be looking to Raging Heroes for more fancy, awesome proxies.

Pictured: Progress on my Hobby Bingo card! Unfortunately, now I’ve cleared most of the easy squares.

As a small additional update – I’ve finally claimed my “X” on the Hobby Bingo card! Given what I have on the bench, and coming up, this means that if I want to clear the card by the end of the year I’m going to have to hustle and put in work on some builds that are a little more challenging, or…unlike what I’ve conventionally done up to this point. I’m trying to think of a “cheat” way to get through the Lord of War or Behemoth square without having to fork out the money for Mortarion or for a Wraithknight, but…we’ll see. Maybe I’ll go for something completely different! And I do have something fun planned as an upcoming kitbash, but I’m not about to go and give that away just yet.

“Although there are now many groups fighting for supremacy in the Order, the most obvious cleavage is between the humble Sisters who are still following they vows of poverty and helping the weak and the higher ranking military and noble families who are all about power and wealth.” – Raging Heroes, The Toughest Girls in the Galaxy

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