Wargames Terrain Workshop’s “Toxic Pool”

About a month ago, I posted some awesome Tyranid Terrain for XenonMage that I got from the talented Dave Stone at Wargames Terrain Workshop, but I picked one piece up for myself that I thought was going to fit in just great with my Death Guard. The terrain piece is enormous, for the price, and is packed with all sorts of awesome little details in the sculpt, including barrels, bubbles, a half-submerged skull (I think – I only caught it halfway through painting it) and a bony arm clawing its way out from the depths. And if you’re in the market for something a little less disgusting, WTW also has regular old lakes and ponds available too; I might have to pick some of that up if I decide to put more aquatic terrain on my table/planet.

The process for tackling this piece was largely the same that I use for painting the basing on the rest of my Death Guard, inspired by Spekd’s Typhus – I make everything metal look rusted and gross with sponges and washes, and then I tackle the terrain and add slime. The slime is basically Vallejo Medium Olive as a base, with a couple layers of watered down Athonian Camoshade over it and then a couple layers of Vallejo Fluorescent Yellow watered down over that. It’s a simple process but I always find it leaves a really vibrant, disgusting green slime that I’m happy with.

Definitely slam-dunk satisfied with this piece, especially for the price. Working on this piece also ended up working out really well in terms of timing, since one of my upcoming planned batches is very Nurgle-heavy, and it’ll be good to have all this extra painting practice before getting to work on that. I’m happy to make this my entry in Dave’s Season of Scenery challenge. If you haven’t joined in yet, there’s still a week if you have a terrain piece you’ve been poking at through July in August – it’s gonna be a good, fun time with some awesome entries.

6 thoughts on “Wargames Terrain Workshop’s “Toxic Pool”

  1. Matt says:

    The pool looks truly disgusting, so well done there! I thought you’d used resin for the water, but your way of just going with layers of paint has really worked well. It’s a bath worthy of a Death Guard captain 🙂

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