I made some improvements! Also, general update.

Never let it be said that I don’t read the comments! While I was finishing up my Marvel binge I decided I was going to go back over the first four sets of miniatures that I did, and wanted to give them a little more care and a little more in the way of highlighting on some of the models, and touchups on some of the bases. Matt in particular from pmpainting.blogspot.com offered a few suggestions on how I could take some of these up a notch and I wanted to make a point of going back and integrating some of the suggestions.

One of the suggestions that Matt offered was to try and make Beast’s shorts more discernable so that it didn’t look like he was stuck in his birthday suit – to do this, I just applied a couple wash coats that eventually gave the shorts a darker color that felt like it was distinct enough that I felt okay with moving on. I didn’t want to get too crazy with the highlights on this one. I also went with one of Matt’s suggestions on Toad – the red bricks definitely needed a dirty washing to make them less bold and to make them a little more separable form the color palette on Magneto.

Pictured: Everybody’s bases got highlighting work, but I think in Jean’s case particular it really shone.

And then I got a little crazy – I liked Mystique’s base but decided I wanted to make it more bold. I liked Cyclops’ terrain feature but decided I needed to patch it a little and make some changes to his hair. Magneto and Toad both got an update in purple, and then everybody got a touch-up and update on their basing except for Storm, who…at least in my humble opinion, wasn’t a model I felt like I should mess with at all further. Out of the bunch I did I think she’s the one that turned out best. And since this is a 10-model count, I can also add this to my hobby Bingo card – because I haven’t given up on that yet!

This leaves me with two 10+ Model boxes and with a Lord of War column that I have a plan for, even if it is bending the rules a little. There’s more Marvel to follow, too, since we all know I’m a sucker for a good proxy model. Things are going to be slow on my end for a while as I continue to slog through full-time work and to finish the journal article for my Masters’, but I hope to have at least a couple months of updates coming soon.

6 thoughts on “I made some improvements! Also, general update.

  1. Matt says:

    Blimey, Mick, I never thought I’d influence a painter as good as you! Beast’s shorts are now way more noticeable and he no longer looks nude, and I love the bricks on Toad’s base as the definition looks more realistic and makes the individual bricks pop.

    The other improvements look great, too, and the whole group is a masterpiece of excellent painting.

    And thanks for the shoutout to my blog πŸ™‚

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  2. Azazel says:

    The heroes and villains all look great – I have to admit I’m not familiar enough with the MCP line yet to pick out the modes and conversions, but the main thing is that they’re an impressive looking group of X-Men (and sometime foes)!

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    1. mick says:

      Thanks! I’ve had a good time with these. I think at the moment these have taken over as my second-favorite faction in any game to paint. (Eldar will probably always be number one, lol.)

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