The Invincible Emma Frost

A while back I posted a proxy model that I’d sourced from QualityPrintsES over on Etsy and a commenter joked that “they’re a lawsuit waiting to happen,” and, I mean, they probably weren’t wrong. But, since I couldn’t find a solid Emma Frost miniature anywhere else at the time, close to a year ago I hit them up for this proxy model, which is largely how I ended up pulling the trigger on Marvel Crisis Protocol as a whole. This also isn’t the first time I’ve written a gallery for this model – it was scheduled and I was going to post it on the heels of my Jean Grey and Cassandra Nova post but decided to wait to put in some extra effort, and I’m glad I did.

Pictured: Emma’s height, with Cyclops for scale. She could absolutely step on him. Lady Dimitrescu, eat your heart out.

Just like with the proxy model for Matthias, they really came through on this one – the quality of the sculpt was phenomenal, and barely required any clean up or effort. (Other than me going through the base with a hand-saw to get it more in line with my other miniatures, because I’m apparently a masochist.) If I had any criticisms at all it would be that the model is a little tall , but that would be a moot criticism because the model wasn’t advertised as being in scale with MCP. I think the height works for her, though, especially in fabulous diamond form.

Pictured: A tale of two Emmas.

As for the paint job, I decided that since I had one “regular” form Emma done, thanks to the Cassandra Nova kitbash, I wanted to have a model to represent diamond form and this gave me a chance to both work in and out of my comfort zone. On one hand, I’ve never painted anything that looked glacial, icy, or like diamond specifically before – but I’ve done a lot of Eldar gems and it turns out that painting Eldar soulstones is a very transferable skill in this hobby. I think for a first time attempting this kind of look on a fuller model or on a larger scale, though, this turned out pretty good.

Pictured: I know I said this about the Mystique model too, but I LOVE the idea of mansion ruins pieces. I’d kill for a whole bag of these for future builds.

Like a lot of my other MCP models it took a couple tries to get her right, but all in all I’m very content with the end result on this, and look forward to throwing her around on the tabletop like the powerhouse she deserves to be. I’m admittedly not that big on Jean Grey, so this is a model I can use to proxy either Cassandra Nova or Jean, and that means this will be a proxy model with a lot of utility – on hero and villain teams alike.

4 thoughts on “The Invincible Emma Frost

    1. mick says:

      Thanks! It was definitely tricky but I’m very happy with how the model turned out in the end. Would definitely do this again sometime on another model.


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