Wanda who? – Polaris by C27 Collectables

Oh boy, I’m coming into this one swinging. When you think of Magneto’s children from the Marvel universe, most folks will think of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch first. And that’s perfectly fair – both of them are fantastic characters, and at some point I hope to pick up their expansion and paint both of those characters up. Possibly to gift to a friend to get them in on MCP. But I digress. Polaris is a character who very often falls under the radar, despite being a powerhouse in her own right and despite having a powerset virtually identical to her father’s.

Pictured: Like father, like daughter.

Since I had Magneto anyways, I thought it might be fun to bring this classic character to life as a proxy model, and with the sheer range of options available from groups like C27 Collectables and Trident Studios there’s really never been a better time to get into MCP if you want to play niche characters who Atomic Mass Games hasn’t gotten to yet, or who they might never get to. I picked her up with some other models from PhalanxPrintingUK, and this group blew me away with the quality of their sculpts – very little cleanup was required. Their shipping, though, was blisteringly fast, especially considering they were shipping from the UK to an island in Canada!

Pictured: The awesome Polaris sculpt side-on. I love that the piece that joins her to the base was separate from the original 35mm base – that helped a lot.

So, about the model. The sculpt is great, the pose is great, and after throwing her onto a 50mm base like Magneto, I went with more or less the same approach that I used for models like Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Beast to a lesser extent. The nice thing about a lot of the X-Men sharing that gold and blue color scheme is that I’m getting a lot of practice in with colors that I don’t otherwise use all that much, and I’m finding that the yellow in particular I’m getting a lot better at applying.

In the end, very happy with how this turned out. I strongly recommend PhalanxPrintingUK, and frankly, if you’re buying MCP proxies the cost per model to get them third party is substantially lower than getting an individual model for the real game. This is a good time for anybody to get into proxy models, and I do like me a good proxy or ten.

“I am a big gun. Or have you forgotten?” – Polaris, X-Factor Vol. 4, No. 6.

4 thoughts on “Wanda who? – Polaris by C27 Collectables

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Great work on Polaris Mick, I do remember them using this character in TV series The Gifted, great colour choices that tie in well with the comics.

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