Eldar Rangers – “We Return to Defend the Craftworld”

This feels like a good spot to pick things back up. After finishing the Autarch and the Shroud Runners from the Eldritch Omens box set, I still had the Rangers lying around on their sprues and…when I started to get back on the horse, so to speak, and start painting, I decided I wanted to do them up just for the sake of keeping myself in-practice with the Ulthwe color scheme. Not only that, but I wanted to keep playing around with color-shifting paints to bring out the “cameoline cloak” holo-camo patterning a little better. I gotta say I’m thrilled with the end result.

Pictured: “The wanderers have returned.” The whole bunch of ’em.

Before I get too far into that, here’s my “credit where credit is due” bit: these sculpts are gorgeous. Much like the Howling Banshees kit and the Shroud Runner kit the sheer amount of customizing you can do with these and the volume of extra bits that you get is phenomenal. I’ll be a very happy painter if Games Workshop continues putting together sprues like this, even if their price hikes over the last year haven’t made this painter’s wallet especially happy.

Pictured: Detail look at the backpacks and the shiny cloaks.

This time, I went with blue-violet as more of a highlight color with the green-violet color shifting paint beneath and it created a highlighting glow effect that I really like. I also have to add additional thanks to GW for keeping Eldar basing consistent with “ruin” effects that have come to be a staple in their kits for a while now. Tyranids get extra Rippers, Plague Marines get Nurglings, and Eldar get ruins, it seems – and I’m kind of thrilled with that because it’s more things I can kitbash into objective markers and basing material. I think I’m happy with how these turned out, but I still definitely need to work on skin tones.

Pictured: My completed Eldritch Omens half.

And…that’s the whole Eldar half of the Eldritch Omens box done! It was kind of a blast to do, even if it ended up taking me longer than I think I expected when I bought this half of the box. I’m thrilled with all of them, especially the Shroud Runners, and I look forward to running these a bunch on the tabletop in the future. I may or may not be debating getting my Shroud Runners up to a squad of five. And maybe more Rangers. And maybe another Autarch would be nice. Or…yep, I’m gonna have to buy another one of these at some point. You win this round, GW. This round.

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