Hera Syndulla and Chopper – More Pilots!

Well, we know how “Sassy Luke” face turned out – here’s one I’m infinitely happier with the end result on. These are the Hera Syndulla and Chopper miniatures from the old Imperial Assault game, which I’ve slapped up onto bigger bases, and added a droid to because Ryloth reasons. I think I’m getting a little better with playing with orange and yellow as colors and adding depth and shading with orange by lightening it just a little at a time and by not going too far overboard with it.

Pictured: Hera, sporting one of the better faces I’ve painted. RIP Roger Roger.

I actually painted these ages ago for another attempt at doing miniature blogging, before I started this one up, and…for the life of me I can’t find the old pictures now. But this is a huge improvement and it always feels good to look at something I’ve painted before and feel like I’ve done it a little better. At some point I’ll probably also add some green stuff to the bases to make them look more “flush” but I rushed the bases on these a little just because I wanted them to be playable. They really fit the pilot theme, though, and I like that I can swap them out in my trooper squads as upgraded specialists to add a little extra flavor.

Pictured: Chopper, complete with a messy varnish job. Good enough for me!

I have one more “pilot” project to post for my Rebels and it’s one I’m pretty stoked about. Down the road, though, I might start to build vehicle variants for characters I’ve got in my lists – maybe a B-Wing or A-Wing for Hera, an X-Wing or Snowspeeder for Luke, things like that. I’ll have to make a shopping list of old model kits and see what I can come up with or find space for. Storage space feels like it’s been hard to clear out lately and…well, the next piece I post is gonna be a pretty hefty one.

2 thoughts on “Hera Syndulla and Chopper – More Pilots!

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Great work on both Mick, these are great models from Imperial Assault, and excellent additions to your Rebel forces, it’s a shame they haven’t done these characters in Legion scale, but these aren’t too much smaller, as I found was often the case with characters.

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