Plague Marine Reinforcements

This is a project that was on my wish list for a while. I still haven’t gotten around to the multi-part Plague Marines, but these three monopose ones stood out to me as having a lot of character, especially the one with the melta gun. I was lucky enough to get a set of them second-hand, and set to work on them almost immediately. They ended up being a really satisfying speedpaint project, and if anything I think they help to show a steady, upwards curve on how my Death Guard have turned out over the last few years.

I’ve always tried to build my Death Guard as being marine-heavy and I think that these help me settle into that role a little more. I do have a couple other directions or twists I want to add to my Death Guard to keep them distinct and unique, though, and I’m going to try and lean into that more with some of my future kitbash projects. I’m also deliberating either picking up the multi-part kit just to say that I did it, or picking up the Space Marine Heroes box, even though that’s gotten pricier over time, but…I do have a buttload of old Chaos Marines in the shame pile to kitbash first. I don’t want to start a new candy bar before I’ve finished the first one.

Pictured: One of my first Plague Marines, then one from a batch a couple years back, and then one from this batch for comparison.

Very happy with these, though, all around. Happy with the sculpts, happy with how the paint formula I’ve used over the last few years has continued to evolve, and looking forward to continuing building up this army. Eldar still aren’t going anywhere for me as my favorite army, but I feel like this one is also coming together and finding its place in the universe a little more as I keep working on it.

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