A Pair of Pyre Puppers

These are a quick taste of something fun that I have coming up. Technically these aren’t Warhammer 40K and aren’t from any set franchise, other than maybe Dungeons & Dragons informally, and were 3D printed for me by TheOwlBearFactory, who did a phenomenal job with the sculpts. I guess you could use them as Warhammer 40K objective markers, and I very well might, but they’re largely just a fun study model I wanted to work on fire effects with.

Pictured: The Pyre Puppers in question.

I’ve seen fire effects done in a light-to-dark gradient and a dark-to-light gradient, and decided to go with the former for this attempt, to make it look like heat was basically radiating out from inside the puppers. I feel like I ended up getting a lot of extra paint gummed up on these despite my best efforts, and for once I don’t think I can just blame the varnish, but they’re ultimately a passable model, I think.

Pictured: This definitely isn’t leading into another grav tank build.

I did a total of four of these puppers, and two of them are going to be used for a special project, which itself is going to be going on a Micro Art Studios 100mm base. The same size, curiously, I used for my recent Wave Serpent built. Couldn’t possibly be another Eldar tank, could it?

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