Bonesinger Ry’hil

Bonesinger Ry’hil, right, pictured with my Autarch, Matthias, and my Spiritseer, Caen’thala.

Ry’hil is a Bonesinger I use as a stand-in for Eldrad Ulthran during friendly games because I love the way that the model looks (and because I finished him just in time for GW to shoo him off to Legends!) When I started getting into 40K I played a lot of the original Dawn of War, and I always thought the Bonesingers were one of the most interesting Eldar units in the game.

Bonesinger Ry’hil, pictured mending a nearby wraith construct.

The Bonesinger had a really neat but brief time in the sun in 8th edition, being one of the only Eldar units that can repair or heal another. Very happy with how this one turned out as a painting project, and I think it’s underrated in what a pretty design the model is.

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