Caen’thala Reborn – Zolotoy Dub’s “Eldar Fortune Teller”

First, wow. I think of myself as a sometime-purveyor of third-party miniatures, and I’ve bought from Artel W before which shares a store site with Zolotoy Dub, but I am a fool for having slept on Zolotoy Dub sculpts up to this point. I picked up their Eldar Fortune Teller on a whim because I knew I was going to be working on my Shining Spears anyways, and because I’d already given Ry’hil and Matthias makeovers in the last year. I couldn’t be happier with the model, and I feel like the paint job on Caen’thala came together really well, too.

Pictured: Caen’thala’s original miniature, and her new model, side by side for comparison.

The small package that she came in was pretty no-frills, but there’s nothing wrong with that at all. The pieces were straightforward and included extras so that she could be built with either a Shining Spear or Witchblade, and since this character is destined to be my Protect/Jinx spammer and a guide for my Wraithguard, I decided to go with the latter. The spear was gorgeous though, and at some point I’ll have to make a whole new HQ model just so that I have an excuse to use the bits. The only (minor) issue is that she’s on the smaller end of the scale as far as 40k character miniatures go, but that’s more a running issue with Games Workshop size-creep than any issue with Zolotoy Dub.

This was a great little project to tackle, and giving Caen’thala a revamp feels like it made painting just a little more fun again. IRL work remains busy, but I am cautiously optimistic that I’ll still be able to post occasional miniatures and projects – and in the new year I plan to prioritize the things that I want to paint instead of the things that I feel like I have to paint. First, though, I have some Christmas painting that I’ll have to clear, since my family decided we’re making gifts for each other this year. My free time for the next months is gone; Heaven help me, for the abominations I’m creating.

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