Color Study – Wizkids’ Bone Devil and Imp

My roommate picked both of these up for me ages ago, with the Bone Devil being a Christmas gift last year. So this year, while I was working on a Christmas present of my own for her, I wanted to get both of these finished but was also able to use these both as color studies. With the Bone Devil I got to experiment with different bone tones, and playing with fleshy bits and colors that will help me out a whole lot when I get back to working on Death Guard (and I have a ton of new Death Guard stuff coming up!) With the imp, I got to play with different red tones and gradients and was quite happy with the end result of the skin color.

Pictured: Bone Devil from Wizkids’ Pathfinder line. He might well be moonlighting as a Death Guard Chaos Spawn proxy in the future.

With respect to the models, I’ve heard other painters remark that they had issue with the primer that normally comes on the Wizkids models, so I made sure to spray-prime both of these before starting and I found after that painting these up was smooth – or, as smooth as trying to remember how to paint after a long hiatus can possibly be. I also based the Bone Devil on a 50mm base from the Kromlech line.

Pictured: Imp from Wizkids’ Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures line.

After getting both of these done, I’m feeling much more confident about not just getting into my batch-painting 40k groove, but taking on more one-shot or non-Warhammer models in the future. I’ve wanted to branch out in my painting and in what I show off for a long while, and I think this brings me another step closer to making more of that happen.

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