Kyphrixis, the Copper Dragon

What’s this? A model on my website that isn’t Warhammer? Inconceivable! I’ve had this model for over a year now and it was a birthday gift from my roommate, who I’ve had a long-running Dungeons & Dragons campaign with. One of the main characters of the campaign is a Dragonborn Paladin named Yzirrius, a half-bronze and half-copper Dragonborn. Despite his tall and imposing stature, Yzirrius is a big softie – and in his flights of fancy often thinks or imagines being a real, full-blown dragon.

Pictured: My finished copper dragon, with two other incarnations of the same character I’ve painted before.

Background aside, the Kyphrixis, the Copper Dragon miniature from Reaper Miniatures was fantastic to work with. It assembled easily, cleaned up easily, and despite its size is actually very durable – it’s already survived a pretty disastrous tumbles during assembly and painting. Reaper is a company that I find gives really great bang for your buck in terms of model size and quality, and a model like Kyphrixis works great as a display piece or conversation starter.

Pictured: Yzirrius-dragon, showing off all the Nihilakh Oxide on its wings and underside.

The first time I tried to paint this, I wanted to use it as a color study in different shades of copper, but…I finally gave Yzirrius the full effort that he deserved and I’m happy with the end result. The copper colors turned out brilliant anyways, but I’m also happy with the contrast of the green eyes, and with the muted “rusty” colors along the underside and wings. Nihilakh Oxide has truly become the Frank’s Red Hot Sauce of my Citadel paints – I put it on everything!

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