Alucard – Artel W’s “Gunfighter”

Hellsing Abridged is one of my all-time guilty pleasures on Youtube, so naturally when I saw that Artel W has a fantastic sculpt of Alucard from the series listed as “The Gunfighter,” I had to get my hands on it and try painting it up. This one turned into a sort of “color study” like my Bone Devil and Imp previously, while I tried to get myself back up to speed. I would like to thank Alucard for teaching me how to “red” again!

“When hope is gone, undo this lock, and send me forth on a moonlit walk.”

The model itself was easy to assemble, and packaged brilliantly as Artel W’s products always are. The wax seal adds a special touch every time I get a mini from them. The detail was exquisite on this – my paint job doesn’t do it justice, and the extra bits that came with the kit are going to be much appreciated down the road by some of my Eldar. I opted to keep the regular head but went with the “demon” coat piece because I thought it made the model look so much more imposing, dynamic, and – most of all – cool!

“That was a 70-inch plasma screen TV. (inhales deeply) So, how can I help you?”

If you’re a miniatures painter and fan of the Hellsing series in any of its incarnations I would strongly recommend this miniature. If you want to find it (or any of Artel W’s awesome projects) you can find this on their webpage: The shipping can take a while since everything’s shipped out of Russia, but I’ve always found that Artel W is well worth the wait. I have a couple Death Guard projects coming up from them, and one of these days I’ll cave and pick up their not-Fire-Dragons.

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