Look, Ma, I’m on a Website – Again!

A shout-out and a thank you to Evan Designs, who posted some of my completed work on their website in their Sci-Fi gallery! You might remember me referring back to Evan Designs back when I bought all my LED’s for the Fire Prism – they’re a great resource if you’re trying to light up a kit. They were fantastic to work with to purchase the LED’s, and the equipment they give you is easy to work with. (I’m a casual hobbyist at best and didn’t burn the apartment down during my build – doesn’t get more idiot-proof than that!)

Pictured: My work, up there with some other Sci-Fi greats.

I’m still thrilled with the way that the Fire Prism turned out, even if there are still some things I could have done better. I have another grav tank planned for the new year, sort of – it’s an old rescue kit that I’m finally going to give the elbow grease that it deserves, and I’ll hopefully have yet another party bus for my Howling Banshees. I’ve picked a lane, and I’m staying in it.

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