Foetid Bloat-Drone

Another Know No Fear staple! And the…fourth Daemon Engine I think that I’ve put together in Nurgle’s service. When I started this army, my intent was not to pour all of my points into Fast Attack, but here we are, and if nothing else these are really fantastic-looking models with some great dakka on the tabletop. I like the Horus Heresy look on my troops but decided to go with a more solid green color scheme for the vehicles, just to break things up and allow for a little bit of color contrast in my army.

Pictured: Here they come, to wreck your daaaaay!

I think some of what stands out best on this model is the rusty effects that come from using Nihilakh Oxide over a coppery surface. Nihilakh Oxide at this point has to be one of my favorite technical paints, and it really shines both over the nitty-gritty detail of the guns and the flat surfaces on the drone’s fuselage. Does that count as a fuselage? Maybe, technically? In any case, I found this pretty straightforward to do up, though I had the repeat issue of the guns breaking off of the sides, or not staying intact.

Pictured: Guns, and no shortage of Nihilakh Oxide on the rusty colors.

I really like the design of this kit from a visual perspective, and now that I’ve finished one I might have to look into picking up another one or two down the road. From a game standpoint they’re pretty swell, and especially after being all painted up I feel like it’s a model with a lot of personality. As always, Nurgle’s Daemon Engines are great to look at, and are small enough that they don’t feel like a chore to paint up along with another batch.

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