Plague Marines – From “Know No Fear”

This is my last “Know No Fear” gallery, at least for a while – I had the Poxwalkers, but had to sell them off when I ran into funding and tuition issues. Which is one way to take care of a pile-of-shame! As for this batch of Plague Marines, I’d been sitting on completing this for a while and I’m glad that I finally did – I love the personality that some of these models have, and just how eerie they look completed.

Pictured: The Plague poster-child of my Marines, wielding an ugly-looking kitbashed plaguebelcher.

Most of these are just stock models on my usual custom, Nurgle-y bases, though I did upgrade the Plague Marine with the plasma gun to be holding a homebrewed plaguebelcher, fashioned from some of the spare bits from my Artel W Sister Pestilencia kit. The models were a breeze to put together, and just like my other recent batch I’m much happier with the balance and blend of colors that came out of this group. They pop a lot more on the tabletop, but are still very, and suitably, disgusting.

Pictured: The “Know No Fear” Plague Marines with their Easy-to-Build Counterparts

Even the Great Varnish Disaster of 2020 didn’t hold these back all that much, and I feel like they ended up being a step ahead of the ETB Plague Marines that I finished previously. With the new Death Guard codex I have a feeling I’m going to be getting a lot of mileage out of these, and I doubt this will be the last time I post a gallery of Plague Marines. Maybe I’ll pick up the Heroes box? Maybe I’ll pick up the regular, multi-pose kit? I don’t know for sure yet, but it’s super satisfying having a bunch of completely distinct Plague Marines done.

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