Champion and Icon-Bearer – Plague Marine Characters

What’s the only thing better than a character with a Nurgling? A character with two Nurglings, obviously! The Plague Champion was one of the highlights of painting my most recent batch of Plague Marines, and I will admit that 99.9% of that was that I wanted to paint the Nurglings. Someday I’m going to just get a box of the little dudes and I’m not going to know what to do with myself.

Pictured: Nurgling number one, about to wind up and pitch.

Nurglings aside, these non-character “characters” are both part of my most recent squad of Plague Marines, tacked onto the Know No Fear batch to bring them to a nice even seven – which regrettably will probably have to be cut to five or expanded to ten now that the new codex rules are out. Or, I might just stubbornly keep them at seven, for reasons. But I digress.

Pictured: My complete squad of Plague Marines, between the Know No Fear batch and these two characters.

These two models fit in with the rest of their squad perfectly and I like this icon-bearer a whole lot more than the kitbashed one that I put together previously for my mostly-ETB squad. Obviously the Champion is my favorite of the batch, because Nurglings, but I think as stand-alone models these are both brilliant, and I’d be interested to see how they compare side-by-side with some of the more recent Heroes models. I also like the detail of the Plague Champion’s face-but-not-face.

Pictured: Nurgling number two.

Ultimately, they suffered a lot of the same flaws as my other work this batch (*cough* VARNISH *cough*) but I think they still turned out better than some of my previous work. These will probably be my last Plague Marines for a while, though I do have something pretty Nurgly coming down the pipeline in the near future, and clogging up and stinking up that drain the whole way down. It’s one of my collection “Un-Holy Grails” and I look forward to being able to share it when it’s done!

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