Crusade Reinforcements – Storm Guardians with Attitude!

I think Storm Guardians get a bad rap. There was a time when I was critical of them, too, since in addition to the regular Guardians kit you had to buy an upgrade sprue that bottlenecked the chainsword and special weapon options. That being said, they’ve become one of my staples in games of Warhammer 40K, and especially in an edition that seems to favor big damage, Storm Guardians with fusion guns are probably gonna be more useful than ever. Fight me IRL, I am determined to bring these back on the tabletop even if I’m doing it all by myself!

Pictured: Six elite Storm Guardians to be added to my existing ten, about to mess up EVERYBODY’S day with fusion guns.

With this batch – some of whom were old, long-neglected regular Guardians in another life – I decided I was also going to try and give them a little bit more attitude and personality. After paint-stripping everything, I made sure each of them had some fancy extra bits in the form of grenades, scopes, or taller vanes on the back, and I fitted one of them out with the head from my Artel W Gunfighter just for a little extra flavor. I also converted the flamers I had kicking around into fusion guns, because I am all about the fusion guns.

Pictured: Maugan, so-named for the archetypal Phoenix Lord murderhobo. Definitely not a murderhobo himself.

I followed largely the same painting process as my previous Storm Guardians, and I feel like they turned out better overall, even if I think I could have done slightly better on the “bone” colors this time. In the end, I’m very happy with the results and after their recent points-drop I think that two squads of 8 Storm Guardians are going to be the way to go in my upcoming Crusade games – it even less in PL than what I was paying for one group before, and it’s gonna allow for a whole lot more “dakka.”

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