Sisters of Battle Characters (Raging Heroes)

This is an addition that I’ve been teasing on the site for a long time, and these models have been in my “pile of shame” for over a year, so I thought it was long past time that I showed them some love. These three models are made by Raging Heroes, two of them as part of the Daughters of the Crucible line, and give a real dash of flavor to any Sororitas army in 40K. They’re also just fantastic stand-alone miniatures, and I’m glad that this year they’ll be my entry to the “Paint the Crap You Already Own” challenge over on Ann’s Immaterium.

Pictured: Two-Tricks Felicidad, one of the Sisters Superior who will be leading my Exemplars into battle.

I originally got these as part of a set, and there’s gonna be more from that box set to follow, but I’m also hoping to paint up a few more characters and a few squads of troops that are in my shame pile as well. My small Adepta Sororitas army is largely only there to be an NPC/enemy faction in Crusade games with my friend XenonMage, though I might end up playing with them a little in my other Crusade campaign as well. Rather than stand-alone characters I’m going to sprinkle these three in as Sisters Superior and standard-bearers in regular troop squads.

Pictured: Double-Dose Misericordia, another one of my army’s Sisters Superior.

The build on these was tricky, because resin, but for the most part these models are monopose and came together pretty smoothly. The detail on the sculpts, given the scale, is absolutely brilliant, and I’m going to be leaving lots of good feedback on the Raging Heroes site accordingly, but – and this is a nitpick, I know – I’m glad I tackled these now and not when I got them a year ago, because the sheer detail makes these very challenging minis to paint, which I found was even more the case painting the old Exemplar sisters. (More on that to follow.)

Pictured: Zaraya, Pilgrim Priestess, who will be acting as a standard bearer for one of my Exemplar squads.

I’ve also learned something about myself as a painter: I’m afraid of bright red! While batch painting if there was one thing I wanted to avoid, I found it was the bright red highlights on these and the Exemplars that I painted because it was such a bold color, and because I felt like if I made a misstep or messed up the application that it was going to be really obvious. This is a problem, since I wanted to go with the Order of the Bloody Rose for the paint scheme, and I love the way the red looks. In a sense, this army is going to be a great project because this is going to force me to get used to that bright red as a highlight, and hopefully that will make it less daunting to work with in the future.

6 thoughts on “Sisters of Battle Characters (Raging Heroes)

  1. Túbal Villar - Virakotxa says:

    They look awesome! I’m tackling my sisters right now! (prepping stage) And I have my eyes on those Raging Heroes packs in case I feel like more, somehow… I was in love with how they depict them on their site, but it’s better to know that you found them worthy!

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    1. mick says:

      Thanks! All I can say are good things for the models. For a third-party company, the quality is really good and the extra bits with their Exemplars kits are abundant. And…yeah, they’re pricey, but with the costs of the re-sculpted Sisters models they’re close to on par with GW.

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      1. Túbal Villar - Virakotxa says:

        Yeahs! I was just using GW as reference, and I was thinking on them as great price alternative, just unsure on the quality… And we’ll… resin. Would love to see them side by side with some of the new Sororitas for final verdict. Really digging the more “clearly a nun” head-dress of this three! I feel like trying to sculpt one of those on top of a helmeted head-option on the GW’s now…

        Liked by 2 people

      2. mick says:

        Resin is definitely difficult to work with, yeah. But I’ve found them good quality. Unfortunately, though, I don’t have any GW sisters for reference or comparison!

        Liked by 2 people

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