The “Lost Patrol” Exemplars (Raging Heroes)

On the high-heels of my last post, I’m glad to post this as a followup: a squad of Raging Heroes Exemplars, another fantastic set of proxy figures if you’re running Sisters of Battle in 40K. These have been in my “pile of shame” waiting to be built for so long that there’s been a whole other edition of the Exemplar sisters produced – which means at some point I might have to pick up a box and revisit these, or do a comparison. But that is tomorrow’s problem, for tomorrow’s me, doing tomorrow’s painting.

Pictured: The new Exemplar models from Raging Heroes, on the left, compared to the originals on the right, which were what I was working with for this build.

If I had good things to say about the last three models, wow. As troop choices, compared with the old metal Sisters of Battle (since these came out before the GW Adepta Sororitas reboot) these are absolutely gorgeous models. The boxes for these come with a ton of different weapon options, head options, the works – if there’s one good thing I can say both about Raging Heroes and Artel W as third-party miniature companies, it’s that they don’t shirk on the extra bits, and there’s always plenty for me to come back and kitbash with later. The armor is extremely detailed, especially for the small scale involved – which was a pain during painting, but the end result was well worth the extra effort.

Pictured: Proxies for XenonMage’s Lost Patrol board game. Five Sisters versus a jungle full of Genestealers, what could go wrong?

As I mentioned before, I’m using these mostly as models in my Crusade games with XenonMage, but this particular set of them, with one heavy weapon and one Sister Superior, are going to be proxies for the Blood Angels in her “Lost Patrol” game, which I picked up for her a couple Christmases ago. (This way, she never has to sully her brush painting Space Marines. 😛 ) They also serve as a kind of test batch for the full set of ten Exemplars that are coming up next from my tray in my to-paint list. The red was daunting to paint but I’m happy with how it turned out, and I think getting these done makes me feel more confident going into the next batch or two of Sisters models that I’ll be painting.

4 thoughts on “The “Lost Patrol” Exemplars (Raging Heroes)

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Very nice unit of Sisters Mick and a great proxy instead of Space Marines for the scenario, I reckon a unit of Retributers all armed with heavy flamers would do well in that scenario

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