More Aggressors – and stickers, too!

I had plenty of gift minis for XenonMage in my backlog, but also put together something for her brother, who I previously built up a start squad of Aggressors and HQ’s for. Well, now that starter squad is a whole-ass starter “Combat Patrol,” so that they can get their own 25 PL games on the go while me and XenonMage are stuck in different cities because of the ongoing COVID situation. There was still something missing, though, even after the whole batch of eight minis came together, and that’s where Ebay seller warpa45 or Warpaint 40,000 stepped in.

Pictured: The Warpaint 40,000 Black Dragons set of vinyl decals – the shoulder ones, and the extra vehicle ones they sent me!

Black Dragon transfers are uncommon, and usually only from older sets to my knowledge, and so they can get pricy. Salamanders transfers would be an alternative, but there’s still the cost issue there, and having a bunch of Salamanders bits that I’ll probably never use if I get the modern upgrade kits. Warpaint 40,000 makes good quality vinyl decals, though, that you can apply to your models instead of using waterslide transfers. Is it a perfect solution? No, and it’s not gonna work for everybody, especially not if you’re going for a “pro-painted” look, but it was a cheap and easy to apply solution that still had a nice, crisp look to it when the stickers were applied. Given my current situation, where money is tight, it was a no-brainer to go with these instead of the more expensive options like custom shoulder sculpts or out of print waterslide decals.

Pictured: Squad Sergeant “Dick Kick’Em”: He’s here to kick gum and chew ass, and he’s all out of ass.

I picked up one of their “shoulder” sets, and they threw in an extra set of Vehicle stickers (which was much appreciated.) The decals themselves were a little tricky to get off of the backing, but I think part of that was due to the environment that I’d stored them in, so mea culpa on that. The decals applied and stuck fantastically though, and I really like the way that these look as a group now. Squad Sergeant “Dick Kick’Em,” as he has now been dubbed (after that wonderful Duke Nukem meme here), is ready to lead his Aggressors into action, and this small army of Black Dragons is ready to take on some Tyranids.

Pictured: Progress on the bingo card!

Lastly, that line of five on my bingo card still eludes me, but I have claimed the center “Any Model” square, since the other “Unit of 2+” square would only make my card more difficult to complete at this point. I have a few things planned for my upcoming batch-painting lots that will make at least a couple lines on this card easier to fill up, soon. Feels good to see it coming together!

4 thoughts on “More Aggressors – and stickers, too!

    1. mick says:

      Thanks! I was actually thrilled with the find, and like…I hope the seller gets more attention because it’s a neat product and I haven’t seen many like it readily available or accessible on the hobbying front.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. mick says:

      Kind of! They aren’t as flexible as Terminators and don’t have the same deep striking options. They’re kind of their own weird thing imho. I think Terminators are still pretty solidly their own thing or own niche – I’ve yet to see anything in the “Primaris” line that is anywhere as customizeable.

      Liked by 1 person

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