Chaos Rhino v2 – “I’m Sorry, Jon”

Out of the projects I had lined up on my tray previously, this is probably the one that I was most excited to get to work on. The “base” of the model is a 3D-printed Chaos Rhino (which normally I would link with a shout-out to the seller, but they have recently removed this from their lineup and I don’t want to potentially get them in trouble with the Games Workshop IP police). Attached to that is the dreadful visage of Garfield the cat, which I molded out of Green Stuff and attached to the front.

Pictured: A crime against god and nature. In retrospect, I probably should have sanded the flat surfaces more.

This isn’t my first venture into making a “nightmare fuel” kitbash, but I think this turned out significantly better than the last one. The “Thomas” build that I did was fun and all, but I always felt like the head-to-body ratio was off and I feel like I got that a lot more right with this one. I’m also very happy with how the treads turned out and the fact that the 3D-print sculpt allowed me to add more in the way of grisly or Chaos-y details to the build. This was also another really nice opportunity to practice with a couple of different rust effects, metallic effects, and other techniques.

Pictured: My two most abominable abominations.

After having dived into the Codex fluff, I also have to mention that this looks a lot more like a traditional Daemon Engine, with the hull struggling and just barely succeeding in holding the fleshy contents inside and keeping the vehicle together. I hope that it won’t be long before I play against KinpatsuSamurai again, to test-drive this on the tabletop. My Death Guard in that campaign is already a meme-y, silly mess, and this will be right at home there – in my narrative campaign with XenonMage on the other hand, I think this just might be so silly that it breaks any semblance of immersion, so…we’ll see whether I field this or not.

4 thoughts on “Chaos Rhino v2 – “I’m Sorry, Jon”

  1. Dave Stone says:

    You’ve blendid Garfield in really well Mick, and to the chaos protrusions that were already on the model, gives a good rendition of the demon trying to escape it’s constructed bonds

    Liked by 1 person

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