The Huntress – A Raging Heroes Inquisitor!

Inquisitor Crane is an already-infamous character in the lore of the narrative, Crusade campaign I have running with XenonMage, even before we had a finished model for her. Allied with the Order of the Bloody Rose she is engaged in a galaxy-spanning cat-and-mouse game with a Plaguecaster who stole and reanimated the corpse of her daughter, who eventually went on to become a Lord of Contagion in her own right. This model, The Huntress, was one of the first Raging Heroes models I bought, as part of a set of characters with two of the DoC characters I built previously, and I’ve been stoked for a while to get her put together and to see how she fares on the tabletop.

Pictured: The Inquisitor in all her inquisitive glory.

As always, I love the work that Raging Heroes does with their proxy models and this is no exception to that. I think she looks fantastic and dynamic as a model, but I think there are two things that bring Inquisitor Crane down a little. First, I think in terms of the Raging Heroes sculpts this – being one of their earlier ones in the Sisters of Eternal Mercy range – is starting to show its age compared to some of the more recent stuff. If anything, I hope this means that we’ll someday see a resculpt of her the same way that Raging Heroes has done resculpts of their Exemplars line. But, that aside, I also think I could have better captured the dynamic and vengeful look that The Huntress and my Inquisitor alike are supposed to have, and if I could redo this I would have angled her differently on the base.

Pictured: The Huntress, with my other two recent Raging Heroes characters for comparison.

This wasn’t a bad model or a bad build by any means – overall, I’m still happy and satisfied with this. I was surprised in some ways at how easy this model was to paint (other than the toes which had to be reattached to the base a couple dozen times.) What I found a little challenging, compared to some of the Raging Heroes models, was that the details on the thighs, shins and feet weren’t as well defined as on some of their more recent models, and part of that might have just been the relatively small scale of the model compared to larger 28mm Heroic or 32mm-ish scale models that I’m getting more accustomed to. Still a great character and a great addition to a growing Sisters army.

2 thoughts on “The Huntress – A Raging Heroes Inquisitor!

    1. mick says:

      Yeah, in retrospect the model or paint job could be a little more gritty or convey a little more aggression. But…still decently happy with this!


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