Barbed Venomgorse, of course!

Where I took a slow and deliberate approach with the miniatures I worked on recently, for these pieces of terrain I took a more quick-and-dirty approach, but am still very happy with the outcome. I managed to get a hold of these through a (fortunately) mislabeled Ebay lot – which was incredibly lucky, since now this discontinued kit goes for a pretty steep mark-up. One of the plants was missing a couple of its “crown” pieces, but I was able to make do with some green stuff and sculpting tools. The kits went together pretty smoothly, and I decided that I wanted to have a little bit of fun with one of them, but also wanted the terrain to match with the rest of the terrain for my “Deathworld Forest” table, which is finally starting to come together.

With the first two pieces of the set, I made the colors for the “crowns” of the trees match the earlier Eldritch ruins that I painted, and had fun with the wet blending on the undersides of the star-shaped ones and found that, generally, painting these went very smoothly and very quickly compared to the last round, even when I was just poking at these periodically between work shifts or between other projects. For the third piece, I decided I wanted to break up the colors a little and add a little variety, so I played with drybrushing different purples and using washes of Carroburg Crimson to add shade and depth. This was another project where matte medium was super useful, and it’s slowly becoming a staple of my painting projects.

Pictured: Purple plant. Battle Kid and Game Grumps fans will love this.

With this and a couple Eldritch Ruins done now, plus my old Webway Gate, I think I have all the terrain on hand now that I need to confidently throw together my Deathworld Forest table – and, as I write this, the battlemat I was hoping to use for said table has just come in so there’s gonna be more on that to follow soon. This might be the last tree or terrain piece that I do for a while, as a result, but I’m happy with how these have played out and I’m stoked to start using these in my two ongoing Crusade campaigns.

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