IT’S HERE – Warzone Studios’ “Highlander” Battle Mat

I feel like I say this more often than I ought to, and it usually doesn’t last as long as I think it will, but this time I think I’m gonna have to commit to it a little more than the last few times – my full-time job has been eating up so much of my time that I’m probably going to be away from the site for a while, and even when I come back to this updates are likely to be slower than they’ve been while I was working on my Masters’. That said, I wanted to finish off this latest batch of work strong, and I managed to finish something else that’s been on my hobby bucket list for a long while: I’ve finally got a functional “Deathworld Forest” table!

Pictured: The case that Warzone Studios included with the battle mat. It’s a nicer case than I got with my degree!

Because the mats from the old Deathworld Forest Warhammer 40K and Kill Team boxes are out of print, I decided instead that I was going to pick up a third-party battlemat that would fit my general color and basing scheme instead, and I found a real winner over at Warzone Studios. The mat is only 22 x 30 in dimensions, so I’ll only be using it for 25 PL games along with Kill Team or other smaller skirmish games, but it’s a mat that I can set up on the kitchen table and me and my friends can have a nice, chill time playing Warhammer.

Warzone Studios offers their Highlander mat in vinyl, fabric, or mousepad material, and I opted for fabric because I figured it would be easier to store, transport, and clean, and I anticipate I’ll have to travel a bit in the next year to get games in with XenonMage, who’s staying out of town and with family for a while. It came in a nice, fancy envelope too which I can just slip into the top of my army bag. I was thrilled with the quality of the mat and down the road I just might invest in a larger 4 foot by 3 foot version for 50 PL games. I think I’ll probably wait until I (maybe someday) do more terrain pieces to give that a shot, but…if you’re looking for a battlemat solution, I can definitely recommend this.

Pictured: An example of a Deathworld Forest terrain setup, using Eldritch Ruins, Barbed Venomgorse, a downed Falcon, and a Webway gate.

Now that the mat is done, I get to do the fun part: breaking it in with a couple solid Crusade games. With XenonMage’s blessing, I’ll be doing a solo “catchup” game with my Death Guard and Eldar so that they don’t fall too far behind the Tyranids, and so that I can practice deploying and driving both of these armies a little more effectively. Me and my friend Gerard, who plays Orks, also got to do a Crusade game to try this out and I’m looking forward to posting all of the pictures from that trial run. Pictures and more on that to follow!

6 thoughts on “IT’S HERE – Warzone Studios’ “Highlander” Battle Mat

    1. mick says:

      Thanks! Tis much appreciated. And yeah, I hope it won’t be long, I’m just finding the new job more draining than I thought it would be. Not gonna rush it, but hoping to get back on track with a couple fun batches I have planned.

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  1. Matt says:

    THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! Sorry, had to get a Highlander quote in here somehow 🙂 The mat looks great and suits your terrain. I really need to get my act together and buy one. Good luck with the new job!

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