D&D Mimics (Sr. and Jr.)

Once more I took to CGTrader to try and find Christmas gifts, this time for my brother who is very into D&D. Mimics are one of the most iconic, pain-in-the-ass D&D monsters I could think of, and I liked the idea of him being able to drop one of these on one of his adventuring parties someday. And since I missed his birthday this year, I got him two. The big Mimic is a design from DCA-tabletop and the smaller one comes from thecapewyrm, and both of these were brought to life in printed form by Resin3DInteractive, who I still can’t say enough good things about.

Pictured: A nice, close shot of Mimic, Sr.

The sculpts were brilliant and for the most part, these weren’t as tricky to paint as I thought they’d be. The sheer size of the larger Mimic made it tricky at times not to miss spots or to make small mistakes, but that’s just the cost of doing business when you’re painting a mimic the size of a dice box. There was definitely more “cleanup” in the late stages of painting this one than I anticipated, too. In some respects, time was a constraint on the large one and meant that I did a more basic job on the teeth and fleshy bits, but overall I’m still pretty happy with the result.

Pictured: What better to put in a Mimic than another Mimic? My brother has already called this the Mimic Matryoshka, and he’s not wrong.

The small mimic, though, I feel like turned out brilliantly, even if I went basic on the basing. This is probably the first Mimic I can think of that I’d call “cute”, and kudos to the original designer for pulling that off. The small Mimic looks a lot more “clean” at the scale that I usually paint at than the large one did, too. This was another set of models that benefitted from my newfound love of Gehenna Gold, and I really like how the gold edges turned out on both of the chests themselves.

Pictured: A close-up shot of Mimic Jr.

The last detail that I really feel excited about on these is the eyes. I have always struggled with yellow, and this time I tried a combination of a yellow wash with Averland Sunset and Yriel Yellow and was a little dumbfounded with just how good the end result looked. I think these are really going to be my go-to colors for bright yellow in the future. Lessons were definitely learned here. I still love my Vallejo paints, but these are a pair that Citadel really knocks out of the park.

2 thoughts on “D&D Mimics (Sr. and Jr.)

  1. Matt says:

    Excellent job on both the mimics, Mick, their teeth in particular are really well done and pretty bloody scary! You’re not wrong about Averland Sunset; I too am a huge fan of Vallejo paints, but Averland is a solid yellow that covers really well. It’s my go-to base for any other yellows now.

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