Venom and Venom

Oh, boy. I’m sharing galleries on my Christmas batch to make sure Resin3DInteractive gets recognition and good press for their awesome work, but I feel like this is one where I have to apologize for setting them up with an impossible job – but one where they still managed to output a fantastic miniature, only for me to bugger it up in the painting process. I had them scale down CGTrader user kyokouyou’s Venom model to a size that would fit on a 50mm base. My brother is a big Venom fan and I wanted him to have a figure he could also potentially use in miniatures games someday, if we are ever in the same neck of the woods.

The problem with this – since until recently I knew very little about scaling and the 3D printing process and what works and what doesn’t in that process – is that the original model is about 25cm tall. Even with that rather herculean task, Resin3DInteractive did an amazing job of producing not one but two sculpts for me, since they had to print a couple runs of the figure to get it to come out proper. The detail on the model was absolutely exquisite, to the point where my fat, shaky fingers could not do their work justice when I started the painting process.

I certainly did my best regardless, though, and I’m decently happy with how this pair of models turned out. One of the bases was the “stock” base included with the Venom model, and the other I did as a custom job with some bits from Necromunda terrain, old sprues, and a Marvel Crisis Protocol base. (No, I didn’t need to get into more miniatures games, but MCP got to me. More to follow on that soon.) I’m especially happy with how the basing details turned out, and how the tongue, teeth, and eyes turned out on these models. I can’t thank Resin3DInteractive enough for their patience with my foolery.

4 thoughts on “Venom and Venom

  1. Matt says:

    I can’t really see anything wrong with the painting on either of these; what do you not like about them? The sculpts themselves are really good, and both bases really add to the figures. Nicely done!

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    1. mick says:

      Thanks! I guess I just felt like I didn’t make very good use of the detail on the sculpt, or made Venom look a little too monotone or flat. But probably just me being my own worst critic again, lol.

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