“Our Duel is Over.” – Storm, circa 1986

So, I’ve had an off and on love of comic books for most of my life, particularly the original run of The Uncanny X-Men, especially anything from the Chris Claremont and Jim Lee era. For the longest time my holy grail was Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 No. 201, and I was lucky enough to pick it up recently, and it pushed me to pull the trigger on making a special Storm proxy model – not that I probably wasn’t going to pull it at some point anyways, because mohawk Storm is best Storm. I had to bring this to life.

Pictured: Cyclops and Storm re-enacting one of my favorite comic covers.

What’s special about this issue? It’s the first appearance of Cable, so there is that. But more than that, it’s Cyclops and Storm throwing hands to decide who was going to lead the team moving forward. This throwdown is a big deal for a whole bunch of different reasons – Cyclops is finding his attention divided between his new family and responsibilities and his place as the X-Men’s field leader, and the deck is strongly stacked against Storm in taking him on because this is at a time where she’d been de-powered.

“Oh? You’re approaching me? Instead of running away, you’re coming right to me?” – Dio, but also Storm probably.

This rendition of Storm is one of my favorites – because despite having no powers, and having been on the team at this point for about half the time that Cyclops has been, she beats his ass pretty thoroughly and becomes the team’s new leader. Needless to say, with the leader box set for X-Men in MCP being Cyclops and Storm, I was going to have to homage this comic at some point or another, especially since Storm’s leadership ability just seems a lot more useful in-game than Cyclops’ so far. I credit ThePrintedModelShop with a fantastic model – their rendition of “Queen of the Sewer People” was great to work with, very stable, and required very little clean up. This is definitely another high-quality, low-cost 3D printing outlet on Etsy that I would recommend if you’re looking for custom MCP models.

Pictured: Detail on the base but also the really neat lightning-bolt motif on the leather pants. Very fond of that.

I don’t want to wrap this up without patting myself on the back, and not just because I’m happy with how Storm turned out – this will be my hundredth post to WordPress, and I’m proud of myself for sticking with it this long. Lastly, I also don’t want to wrap this out without thanking everybody who’s contributed comments, views, likes, or shared my work over the last couple years, especially anyone who’s been able to offer suggestions, critiques, links, and the like to help me improve. The painting community on this platform has been very kind and constructive and I’m glad that I’ve gotten, at least in some small way, to have been a part of that.

6 thoughts on ““Our Duel is Over.” – Storm, circa 1986

  1. Matt says:

    Excellent painting, Mick, she looks great — a very punk/rock chick theme to her, and I love the gold lightning bolts on her legs! And thanks for linking to that Etsy store, I’ve been after a 28mm scale school bus for ages and they make one! Yay!

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    1. mick says:

      Thanks! Truthfully I think this was one of the characters best looks if not the best look, in terms of the comics. Also – yes, they have a whole wealth of awesome terrain available. If I ever clear my pile-of-shame backlog I’ll be investing in some of those, lol.


  2. Muskie says:

    Good work on 100 posts. I have a comic collection it predates my Warhammer collection and it is has been in my mom’s storage room for twenty plus years. I never was super strategic when I was young as I bought comics at corner stores and grocery stores mostly so you took what you could get. I eventually got some subscriptions to Marvel books. I used to price my comics with Overstreet but the condition likely isn’t Near Mint except for ones bought later in life when a comic book store finally opened in my old home town. Anyway I remember that era of X-men of course but I don’t have that issue. Like I said my collection is spotty and I used to buy used comics at like 25 cents each from a local bookstore too, so I have a lot of weird 70s Marvel stuff or I guess 80s so I like that era too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mick says:

      Nice! Most of my comics are late 80s to about early 2000s, though I’ve picked up some new stuff occasionally when it’s struck my interest. And the Near Mint condition is fair, in retrospect I don’t think a lot of mine are in great shape but at this point keeping them is sentimental more than anything else.


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