“Jiffy caaaaaaaabs – ” – Crisis Protocol Terrain

What can I say about Jiffy and City Wide Cabs? If you live in the city of St. John’s, Newfoundland, they are an inescapable part of city life, whether they’re taking up every parking spot at the airport terminal or proving that St. John’s is the city where pedestrians from all walks of life go to die. I wanted to homage these in my Marvel Crisis Protocol terrain set, since I’ll probably only ever be playing here in St. John’s and it’s a reference that will always spark interesting conversations and bring up interesting stories.

It’s our very own local trolley problem: If you take one, you might be trapped in the vehicle with a driver telling you why novelist Dean Koontz predicted the entire coronavirus pandemic in the 1970s, adding exactly which local minority group is responsible, and giving a litany of racial stereotypes about them. If you take the other, your cab ride will be comfortable but you might be frozen to death in the St. John’s cold before the vehicle actually makes it to you. There are alternatives, but they are few in number. These companies also have the easiest numbers to remember, and apparently I’m (again) a masochist.

These weren’t the only terrain pieces I built up, but they’re definitely the ones I had the most fun with and that I’m proudest of. I also did up some dumpsters, which I already featured a little in my Polaris post, and some traffic lights – I’m actually very happy with how the little hand and the walking sign turned out on these. I’m kind of shocked that I pulled it off, if I’m being honest.

I’ll close with a disclaimer, of course, and that’s that my Jiffy and City Wide horror stories only account for a small proportion of their drivers, and many of their drivers are fantastic. But I think it’s almost unavoidable that if you live in St. John’s long enough you’ll get some of the more exciting personalities, and end up with your own weird, wild stories. Even if these models won’t be doing anything on the tabletop but getting thrown around by Marvel characters, I hope at least they’ll make for a fun reference and conversation piece.

“Jiffy caaaaaaaabs – ” – If you know, you know.

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