Tripping Over the Finish Line! – Eldar vs. Custodes

Now that I’ve gone and shown off my new Guardians, Fire Dragons, and Shroud Runners, I thought I’d meet up with KinpatsuSamurai and see how my new 9th Edition army shaped up in a 1200 pt. Matched Play test game. I can sum it up with but a single meme:

Yep, that’s right. I played a very strong opening couple of turns and cleaned up as far as the objectives of the mission went, but ultimately lost the game because I was tabled by KinpatsuSamurai – who, by the way, has just acquired, repaired, and refitted a whole brand new army of Pillar Men Adeptus Custodes. Every time somebody mentions Henry Cavill I immediately think of Adeptus Custodes, and they’re always a very meme-heavy army, so I was excited to try my luck against something new.

In a lot of ways, this game played out like a lot of our previous Eldar vs. Deathwatch matches – the more things change, it seems, the more they stay the same. Given that I had a ridiculous amount of movement to work with by way of Shroud Runners, the Rainbow Tank, and the Webway Strike strategem, I basically mobilized the better half of my army right on his doorstep and played aggressively. His Sisters of Silence went almost right out of the gate, because I didn’t want to have my psychic shenanigans compromised, and I beat up his jetbikes pretty good, too. But, in microcosm, not obliterating his jetbikes is where I done goofed this one.

I refer to yet another classic meme:

This was my mistake. I brought in Fire Dragons and Wraithguard by Webway Strike. KinpatsuSamurai decimated my Shroud Runners and Falcon, but I’d brought all my heavy-hitters in. Of course, instead of focusing fire on a single target, either his dreadnought or his jetbikes, I got greedy and thought that I could bring down both by splitting fire with the two heavy-hitting units. This was the turning point of the whole game, and my blunder cost the Eldar dearly.

I wasn’t the only one with units ready to Deep Strike. KinpatsuSamurai had another dreadnought and two terminators in reserve. As they cut through my Storm Guardians like butter, the jetbike squad I hadn’t succeeded in stopping tore through my Fire Dragons, executed my Spiritseer, and then one-shot my Wraithlord. Letting one jetbike survive made all that difference. Ultimately, this was a very fun, swingy game, which are always my favorite kinds – but this serves as a very cautionary tale not to over-commit to doing too many things in one turn, instead of doing just a few things and doing them right.

One thought on “Tripping Over the Finish Line! – Eldar vs. Custodes

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Great looking game Mick, and can understand how it’s easy to split your fire too much, but I have seen it swing the other way as well when players get so focused on taking out one thing, and miss the other threat coming the other way, as with most things it’s balance, and how your style of play leads you.

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