Eldar Autarch w/ Fusion Gun and Chainsword

Both KinpatsuSamurai and XenonMage have joked at different points about my sheer number of HQs, most of which are just different variants or “do-overs” for vanity’s sake or to represent specific characters in our campaigns. And that’s fair, I do have a ton of redundant HQ models. When I got in on half an Eldritch Omens box, though, I added one more to the pile, and kitted out this Autarch to fit in with my Storm Guardian squads. Accordingly, he’s armed with a Fire Dragon fusion gun and a chainsword, and I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job of making him a distinct HQ in a distinct style from the last couple Autarchs I’ve done. (Sorry, Matthias.)

Pictured: My kitbashed Autarch Matthias next to the new mystery Autarch.

I have to say everything about this new kit that I’ve already said about the plastic Banshees and what I should have said about the Shroud Runners – GW is definitely loading these up with bits. Granted, the kits cost a bunch especially following general price increases, but I feel like now you’re getting a lot of kitbash fodder that you can apply to future projects, or a lot of options for any given model, and the new Autarch really exemplifies this. I’m basically swimming in Eldar bits now, which is dangerous given my penchant for kitbashing and rescues.

Also, it’s just a very nice kit – went together with no issues, and I found that the surfaces were very accessible, easy to work with, and nicely defined. I mean, yes, I do have my issues with GW but to give credit where it’s due, their Eldar releases recently have really been a case of “Oops, all bangers.” Anyway, after assembly and after picking out how I wanted this guy kitted out I followed what’s largely become my painting formula for Ulthwe, and HQ models in particular – blue capes, green sashes and cloth bits, and then just a whole lot of black and bone colors.

Pictured: The Autarch with his similarly-kitted-out Guardian peers.

I’m happy with the result – especially on the cape, which somehow I feel like ended up looking more textured and defined than a lot of the other ones I’ve done lately. I’m not even quite sure how I did that, or if I’ll be able to do it again on other projects, but I’ll take the win where I can get it right now. And this makes two out of three of the Eldritch Omens units done, which leaves me with something of a conundrum: do I add the Rangers to my Ulthwe army or show a little bit of love to my Biel-Tan force? I’ll ride with Ulthwe till I die, but those Biel-Tan Rangers, those just hit different.

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