Phoenix Lord Reborn – Jain Zar, v2

One of my favorite things is to compare old work I’ve done to new work and see an improvement, and another of my favorite things is to do model “rescue” projects. This is a little of both, since I decided that I was going to “self-rescue” one of the first models that I posted here on this blog, that being my fancy GW Jain Zar. I’m a big fan of the character and have done a few versions of her, and as this blog attests to I’m a huge fan in general of the Howling Banshees, so I wanted to try and do the character more justice than my first attempt.

Before we get to that, though, I just wanted to point out a couple things about the model. First, I think I might have sold it short previously. Even though I’m still not a fan of size-creep in general, this is a gorgeous, dynamic model which really gives a sense of being in motion. I’m trying to do better lately with giving credit where it’s due, and I think that GW did a brilliant job with this, especially as a glow-up from the previous, metal model version of the character. That said, I have some minor complaints – there are definitely places on this model that easily snap or break off, and that makes this a difficult model to work with.

Pictured: Size comparison between Jain Zar, Wargame Exclusive’s “Elves Phoenix,” and a Wraithlord.

Now, the good stuff. What a difference a year and a half makes – and I can say that on a bunch of different levels. I’ve definitely gotten better at photographing my models and catching their good sides, even if I’m still mostly working with the same improvised equipment that I’ve been using since this wild ride started. The difference on the paint job, though, is also pretty night-and-day. I’ve definitely gotten better at building up light colors, like Banshees’ bone colors, and bringing out more vibrant tones like in their hair, or in metallics. I’m trying not to get too cocky seeing the differences, because I feel like I still have a lot of improvement ahead, but I feel good about how far I’ve come since starting this all up.

Pictured: Jain Zar, leading a warhost of Howling Banshees.

As I’ve also mentioned in the Howling Banshees post from this week, as much as I build these to attach to my Ulthwe army, I find myself seriously considering the idea of running a full Howling-Banshee themed force someday, even if just as a one-off or for giggles. Jain Zar would definitely make for an imposing HQ model for a force like that, and I think that the fact that she grants “ObSec” to Howling Banshees could make that potentially even more silly. I do wish she was a slightly more viable or less costly pick with my Ulthwe army, but I think regardless I’m going to try and make more excuses to bring her along.

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