I’m back, baby!

After taking a long-ass hiatus from the site to take care of some IRL stuff, I’m back and I have a backlog of fun projects I’ve worked on or finished to share. I also have some pretty fantastic news on where things are going from here – I’m on Instagram! Haven’t posted much yet but you’ll be able to find me at https://www.instagram.com/twitchybristles/ as well as here now, though this here website will still be where I post the bulk of my stuff, and kind of my social media “hub” as such.

You also might notice some small changes – I have a new icon, courtesy of SmashleyDraws (again!), who you can find on Facebook here and Instagram here. It’s a Howling Banshee, of course, with a pose inspired by a certain penguinz0. Please show Smashley some love, since all the algorithms have been unkind to her lately, and she does fantastic work and has some commission spots opening up.

Last – and here’s the big one:

I decided I wanted to do something fun to try and improve my 40k game, but also to get me off of my rear and into the FLGS to play some games with local friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in ages. So I’m doing a short podcast series, called The Path of Casuals and Filth! The premise is…well, playing games with friends and hopefully getting less bad at Warhammer 40K. It felt like a fun way to get back into the saddle and to hang out with some amazing people. Also, big thank you to Dave (who you can find here) for doing the cover for this ep.

That’s all for now! Regular posts and such resume next week. 🙂

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