Rebel Troopers – It begins!

Well, this has been a long time coming. Ages ago I posted a couple test models I did for Star Wars: Legion but the Rebel half of the starter kit has been taking up space in my room for over a year as of painting these up. My friend kinpatsusamurai had already long since finished his Imperials and had been adding awesome things like TIE fighters and AT-STs to the mix so…if my Rebels were gonna have a fighting chance, I was going to have to get this show on the road. I took some of what I’d learned from the Rangers and Shroud Runners and some of what I’d learned not to do with my test models, and I got to work.

Pictured: The whole foresty-colored strike team.

With Return of the Jedi being my favorite Star Wars movie by a landslide, these guys were of course going to have to be Endor troopers, with ramshackle camo gear, and I decided I was going to try and mix a little new Star Wars in with the classic Star Wars here. I made a point of painting up Captain Rex or my best approximation of him as one of the troopers and made sure to make one of the other human troopers into a cool alien like the Duros trooper included in the set by default.

Also, I have to say, even though I did the assembly ages ago, I found these really easy and beginner-friendly to throw together, compared to the oodles of parts and bits that go into assembling anything 40K. I can see where this would have been a great lot for somebody just getting into the hobby. And you can’t go wrong with mini-guns. I guess the only complaint I would have about this kit is that it’s hard to assemble a large number of them (e.g., 2-3 sets of Rebel troopers) without a lot of overlap in the poses and body types, so I’ll likely either invest in some third party stuff or extra upgrade kits to address that down the road. And I might already have some of that on the way.

Pictured: Schrodinger’s Captain Rex.

It’s a small start, but I hope that by the time I’m all finished I’ll have a fun, competent Rebel strike force that I can run in casual games. I think these turned out alright – maybe not my best, but definitely tabletop-worthy and I’m stoked to get in a test game at some point so that I can see how they all hold up. Lots more Rebels to follow these.

2 thoughts on “Rebel Troopers – It begins!

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Great looking rebels Mick, do check into 3D prints and model kits for vehicles to combat your friends pesky TIE fighter and AT-ST, also look at vehicles from the Hasbro range, as a lot work well in Legion scale. their U-Wing especially.

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