Rebel Trooper Upgrade Expansion – More Cool Aliens!

Remember in the last batch how I painted a couple cool aliens? I decided I wanted just a little more of that sprinkled into my Rebels, and so I’ve filled out my troop assortment a little more with the Rebel Trooper Upgrade Expansion. I’m a big fan of what FFG / Atomic Mass Games did with this set – the Ithorian, Ishi Tib, and Gran are some of the most iconic and unique-looking alien races in the series and I think they look fantastic on the tabletop. These give me a couple options for running either extra troopers, a Captain, a Specialist, and a couple extra heavy weapons.

I tackled these about the same as the first set of Rebels – lots of camo because I wanted to stick with the Endor camo theme for my troops, and I guess without realizing it I leaned into the green and brown color pallets even harder with the skin tones I used for the cool alien dudes themselves. The eyes and the metallic details I kept pretty simple, and…like my troopers, while I don’t think these are my fanciest work ever, I’m happy with the end result and I think they’re gonna look great on the tabletop and really make my Rebels look more ragtag.

If I had my time back I think I would have tried to do a little more with the face on the Falleen gunner and some of the basing, but…as kind of a first/second foray after test models into doing this paint scheme and painting for Legion, I’m decently happy with the results. And also, they’re out of the shame pile, which itself I’m chalking up as a win.

2 thoughts on “Rebel Trooper Upgrade Expansion – More Cool Aliens!

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Excellent work Mick, they should tie in well with the others you have done, the Pathfinder box has some more aliens from the Rogue One film as well, I do like the fact they are mixing in other races not just human into the sets, and also include a fair few female models as well.

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    1. mick says:

      Agreed. Like, a lot of it was the same method at the end of the day in terms of the painting recipe, but I feel like I had a lot more fun painting these than the stock trooper box. And I might have to pick up the Pathfinder one next.

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