Another Handful of “Skittles” – Dire Avenger Updates

One of the things I was fondest of with the Dire Avengers I revisited earlier in the year was that I managed to work a little bit of everything into them – purples, blues, teals, greens, oranges, yellows, and red. XenonMage jokingly referred to them as “Skittles,” and the name stuck. I laughed, she laughed, her Tyranids ate the whole bag, it was kind of a good time. But the longer they sat on the shelf the more the crest colors started to bother me and the more I found myself picking out little things that I didn’t like about them.

So, since I had a spare kit kicking around, I did another 5-man squad of them from the ground up, and decided that I was going to have a full squad of 10 to work with for the next time I play a game against her. The build itself was straightforward and it’s one of the older Eldar plastic kits that holds up nicely. I started with a purple base and drybrushed and washed on layers of blues and teals to make the armor look nice and defined, and went with the Ulthwe bone colors for all of the same accents as before.

Pictured: A full pack of Skittles, a healthy snack for any self-respecting Tyranid.

This time, though, I tweaked the color formula for the crests to get everything a little more in coherence with the crests and manes being used by my Storm Guardians and Howling Banshees, just to build a little more coherence in my army. I also went back and redid some of the bases and just fixed little things I thought could use some extra work. When I started my Eldar army and committed to the lanes of Howling Banshees and Guardians, I didn’t imagine I’d be using a lot of these guys but they’ve really started to grow on me, and…lore-wise and tabletop-wise they fill a generalist role with solid range that my army desperately needs right now. Looking forward to seeing how they shape up in the next game!

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