What Nurgle Brought Me For Christmas

You might recall a couple years back I thought I was going to be clever and used Christmas to kick off a whole slew of Death Guard updates and galleries, my own sort of “Nightmare before Christmas,” if you will. Well, Nurgle seemed to know that I’d misbehaved this year and hoarded a whole bunch of Death Guard and general Nurgly galleries I hadn’t posted yet, because he came down the chimney and brought me the coronavirus.

Pictured: An accurate representation of how I’ve been feeling the last several days. Thanks, Nurgle.

In retrospect, as salty as I’ve been over the last few days, it was probably the best way this could have played out – getting sick at Christmas meant I had a nice long holiday weekend to ride this all out. But now that I’m mostly through that tunnel, and have taken my lumps, so to speak, I’m going to be doubling down on disease and general disgusting resilience as a theme with uploads over the next little while. And starting that off is this staple of all things Nurgle, the Nurglings themselves.

These are always my favorite part of any Nurgle army, whether Chaos Daemons, Death Guard, Chaos Space Marines, any of it. These little dudes always steal the show for me and getting a full kit of them to work on was a lot of fun – despite the fact that I tabled the project for ages because my shame pile of late has been…well, shameful. I’m thrilled with how they turned out though and this gives me kind of a good template to work with for Nurglings I add to character models in the future. And while I don’t intend to run these as troops or anything on the tabletop, they’ll be nifty little objective markers in games where I’m running Death Guard. More general nastiness to follow!

2 thoughts on “What Nurgle Brought Me For Christmas

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Sorry to hear about the illness Mick, good to hear you are now over the worst of it. The Nurglings look great, very pustulent and diseased perfect for any Nurgle army.

    Liked by 1 person

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