Miasmic Malignifier – I live!

“I live! I breathe again! I rise, I will rise to bleach the sky and still the water!” This is something I worked on to get back into the Death Guard spirit around Halloween, which felt more than a little appropriate. I’d put off taking pictures or doing a post for it until recently, and since I’m going to be tackling some Chaos stuff and other Terrain bits and bobs I felt like now was a good time.

Pictured: A threat to every fragile ecosystem.

This scenery piece was my “retail therapy” at Noble Miniatures after playing my game against Kevin’s Blood Angels, and…I gotta say, there is a lot that I like about it. I kind of wish that I’d bought more than one just because I could absolutely see these being a good way to cover a Nurgle table, and I really just dig the look of that base and would absolutely use it for other weird projects. Assembly was pretty straightforward and I think it’s worth the price tag comparatively speaking for the amount of plastic and detail you get.

Pictured: Skulls and gross stuff.

This ended up being kind of a “warm up” piece more than anything else, and I just used what’s pretty much become my Death Guard formula – sponge coats of rust colors and then greens layered over each other, with an Athonian Camoshade wash to bring the textured look together, and…well, that took care of the bulk of this model. And then I did my usual rust thing with Screaming Bell, Hashut Copper, some Reikland Fleshshade and Nihilakh Oxide, which is still one of my favorite technical paints ever.

Pictured: A sewer drain, and more gross stuff.

In retrospect, I think the only thing I’m not happy with on this build is the color of the “goo”, and of the flies. I went for a glowing fly look to match the Typhus I built but…I don’t know if it was something I did with the technical paints or the undercoats of green colors but I felt like something didn’t quite work right here. That said, it’s a minor enough detail that I’m not gonna go back and repaint it, especially since I’m usually less exact when it comes to terrain pieces. A fun, disgusting addition to any table.

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