Enter: The Plague Sisters

I’ve been teetering for a while as having my second army either be Death Guard or Sisters of Battle, and I reached a point where I decided I was going to have my cake and eat it too. I’m still going to have plenty of regular Plague Marines in my Death Guard, but I’m making a whole slew of “Plague Sister” conversion units to add a little more distinctiveness and diversity to my otherwise pretty stock force. I’d already made a couple character models with this theme, but I’m going a lot more all-in. I got them Nurglings and everything.

Pictured: Plague Sisters, with just a touch of Dark Mechanicus for good measure.

I think part of what made this a good fit for me is that the red contrasts really strongly with the green on the shoulders and on the bases. I was using red for the cloth on the Death Guard I was painting anyways, a la Horus Heresy Death Guard, but…it definitely helps get these unit as Sisters across. The bodies are mostly old Chaos marines that my friend Gerard and Kinpatsusamurai gave me to work with, including some Chosen and characters from the 7th edition Dark Vengeance set.

Pictured: Plague Sisters from behind. Note the Nurgling’s shapely ass.

I needed something that would work for heads and pauldrons, and when I tried converting some of my Raging Heroes stuff over I wasn’t happy with the results, so…I filled up a shopping cart with bits over at Wargame Exclusive and brought these Nurgly dames to life. Sort of. Figuratively. I can’t say enough good things about the quality of the bits and sculpts and…despite wartime and all, shipping from Ukraine was smooth and seamless.

I put the Plague Sisters together with the conversion bits, Nurglings, green stuff, and a couple of fancy bases I had lying around, and…I’m very pleased with how they came together. Even if I don’t use them all the time in 40K games they give me a lot of flavor for smaller skirmish games, and they help break up the uniformity of my existing Death Guard in a neat way. Many more of these to come, I think.

3 thoughts on “Enter: The Plague Sisters

      1. Dave Stone says:

        Had the idea ever since I read the comic strip Demonifuge, it might be easier now there are plastic sisters to work from, it’s whether I want to divert time to what is a finished army, or stay focused on my current project ! LOL

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