Foetid Bloat-Drone

Another Know No Fear staple! And the…fourth Daemon Engine I think that I’ve put together in Nurgle’s service. When I started this army, my intent was not to pour all of my points into Fast Attack, but here we are, and if nothing else these are really fantastic-looking models with some great dakka on the tabletop. I like the Horus Heresy look on my troops but decided to go with a more solid green color scheme for the vehicles, just to break things up and allow for a little bit of color contrast in my army.

Pictured: Here they come, to wreck your daaaaay!

I think some of what stands out best on this model is the rusty effects that come from using Nihilakh Oxide over a coppery surface. Nihilakh Oxide at this point has to be one of my favorite technical paints, and it really shines both over the nitty-gritty detail of the guns and the flat surfaces on the drone’s fuselage. Does that count as a fuselage? Maybe, technically? In any case, I found this pretty straightforward to do up, though I had the repeat issue of the guns breaking off of the sides, or not staying intact.

Pictured: Guns, and no shortage of Nihilakh Oxide on the rusty colors.

I really like the design of this kit from a visual perspective, and now that I’ve finished one I might have to look into picking up another one or two down the road. From a game standpoint they’re pretty swell, and especially after being all painted up I feel like it’s a model with a lot of personality. As always, Nurgle’s Daemon Engines are great to look at, and are small enough that they don’t feel like a chore to paint up along with another batch.

Merry Christmas from the Death Guard!

What could be more 2020 than finding Plague Marines of all things under the Christmas tree? When I started this batch I was going for an old Horus Heresy look but the longer I kept at it the more I felt like they were taking on a festive life of their own. I’m happy with how this batch turned out, though (in typical fashion) I tripped over the finish line and applied the varnish way too thick on the last couple steps and had to go back and fix a few resulting defects.

Pictured: You get an HQ, and you get an HQ, and look under your chair – it’s another HQ!

I wanted to post this to give a taste of what’s coming in 2021 for individual galleries – Death Guard, Death Guard, and lots of Death Guard, with battle reports and comparisons as well between what I’ve painted before and what I accomplished with this batch. All things considered I’m very happy with how they turned out and I’m very much looking forward to seeing how they do on the tabletop – and I’m very happy with my new Artel W proxy units, including a Sister Pestilencia model from kinpatsusamurai!

Pictured: Sister Pestilencia, who is…definitely the only Battle Sister I’ll own in the new year. Yup. Nothing to see here…

2020 has been…it’s been a year, alright. And while I think I weathered it okay, it leaves me in a pretty iffy space heading into the next year. My funding runs out at the end of this month, my Master’s is still incomplete, and I don’t have a stable job at the moment, but…all the same thankful for the friends, family, and all the other good things in my life. Here’s hoping that 2021 is a more gracious year than the one now past!

Myphitic Blight-Haulers

Pictured, 100 points’ worth of teeth and heavy weapons.

These are probably one of my favorite Death Guard models, and these demonic little roombas have carried the team so far in test games I’ve done with my Death Guard army for 9th. I got one of these from a friend as a gift a while back and picked up two more to complete the set. Really looking forward to busting these out for the Crusade games that me and local friends are going to be doing soon.

Pictured, the whole squad – since running them in threes gets a juicy BS and WS bonus.

I did these up in the same style as all of my other Death Guard, with magnets for transport and for securing them to the bases. I’m really happy with how the rust effects turned out on the copper, and how the colors blend together!