Spiritseer Caen’thala (again) – Third Time’s the Charm

Wasn’t it just recently that I was taking about having way too many HQ variants? Because I’m doing myself no favors in that regard by making yet more variants. Caen’thala was one of my first posted HQs and recently got an upgrade to an Artel W model, and then more recently, on a whim, I kitbashed a Farseer and a Spiritseer model together into what I hope will be my best representation of the character so far. Not going to lie, I’m very happy with the end results.

Pictured: Caen’thala’s first, second, and third iterations.

In part, Caen’thala represents a warm-up before I take on the Eldritch Omen rangers. I ended up using a head, backpack, and pistol from the Shroud Runner kit, and added the staff and helmet from a Spiritseer so that I can field her as such without objections. I like keeping the helmets off my HQs so that the models can have just a little more personality and character. I tackled this differently than the first model, in the sense that I went with the more slow-deliberate Ulthwe recipe I’ve been using for more recent work.

Pictured: My battle-ready HQ psykers.

All things considered, I’m very happy with the end results and I think this is one of my better recent kitbashes. She fits in great with my other psyker HQs and I feel like some of the details on the face and hair stand apart more than earlier iterations. I’m also patting myself on the back because I think that I’m improving at being able to paint fabrics.

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