“But it was me, Mephiston!” – AELDARI vs. BLOOD ANGELS (1000 pt.)

We interrupt my Star Wars: Legion posts to for the third episode of my podcast hijinx. I met up with my friend Kevin at Noble Miniatures, where my Eldar threw hands with his Blood Angels. Tomfoolery ensued, and the Eldar wept. Years ago, when I was first getting into 40K, Kevin was the first person I played against and somebody who helped to show me the ropes of the game. It was fantastic to play against him again, even if I did get pretty thoroughly thrashed. If you want to hear about how Kevin dragged me 41-0, you can find the podcast episode here:

Kevin’s Blood Angels are an all-Primaris force with plenty of oldhammer throwbacks, and with a paint job that’s beautifully crisp. He rolled up with Primaris Intercessors, Primaris Assault Marines, Eliminators, Bladeguard Veterans, a Redemptor Dreadnought, an Impulsor, and – most damning of all – Mephiston. I can’t even exaggerate how unprepared I was for Mephiston – as early as the first turn Mephiston leapt right into the heart of my forces and just started cutting units down left, right, and center. But I had a plan. Or I thought I did.

In previous games, and in previous podcast episodes, I’ve talked about how I “get greedy” when it comes to splitting fire. And I absolutely do. This time, however, I decided I wasn’t going to fall into my old habits. I decided I was going to sink every shot that I had into Mephiston. Rangers, Shroud Runners, the Wave Serpent, Storm Guardians and eventually combat with my Autarch and my Howling Banshees. I threw everything I had at Mephiston to try and bring him down – and at the end of the game, Mephiston was still standing, with only 1 wound remaining.

I lost 41-0, but I couldn’t even be mad. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single model just rock out like that on the tabletop before, and it was still a fantastic game. And at the very least, I managed to cripple the Impulsor and take out the Redemptor Dreadnought, so I was pretty proud of myself for that. This is a game I think I had lots to learn and take away from, too, which is always good. Last, to give credit where due, Noble Miniatures (as always) had a fantastic terrain setup for us to work with. And I also have to give credit and a shout-out to my brother David, who threw together a phenomenal cover for the podcast ep.

This was a fun, wild ride. And speaking of fun, wild rides, next up is Orks!

6 thoughts on ““But it was me, Mephiston!” – AELDARI vs. BLOOD ANGELS (1000 pt.)

  1. Jonathan E says:

    Glad you had a good time, despite (or because of) the, um, sheer PRESENCE of Mephiston running rampant through everything. It feels very second edition, very Herohammer, especially in a comparatively small game.

    Those Blood Angels look great. I can’t quite bring myself to approve of a helmet on Mephiston when the “one hand raised to bloodied lips” bare headed option exists, though… 😉

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    1. Jonathan E says:

      (Not that my approval means anything. That’s not a great first impression on my part, is it? It’s a really fine model and I just wanted to riff on the choices made a little, but forgot that not everyone knows me and I don’t have the right. My bad and apologies.)

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